Up and decided to continue the long way around to Route 66. Which took me through Parker Dam. Excellent choice. Sun shining. Sky of blue. Outstanding scenery. So long as one ignored the mobile homes and RVs.

Found some real gasoline and carried on for breakfast.

Road took me through a California’s Border Protection Stations (BPS). The chaps there told me Needles was the closest, so off I went.  Awesome road, if you like roller-coasters. Hills and hollows. The bike at time felt as if it would take off. Tons of fun.

Ended up at the Wagon Wheel for a big breakfast, then headed out.
Should have taken Hwy40, as ended up running part of the way back to Vegas. Haha

PS: Just past the dam was a sign warning about wild burritos. Funny thing. The only burro that I saw was hiding just behind the sign. No kidding.