Well that was quite the ride.

Route 66 was well signed, including the logo in white on the road. All the way up to Hwy 15. So I jumped on the highway, and ran with the traffic.

The previous days had been spent on a plateau. This was demonstrated beautifully, as Hwy 15 wended it’s way down to Hwy 215, through a series of elegant curves.

However, from there it was all city traffic, for 70+miles. All the way to Santa Monica.

Made quite exciting, because my Garmin GPS had finally given up the ghost. So every now and again, I had to stop, check on my phone, and ride on. Did make me feel like a kid again. “Are we there yet?” was the prevalent thought running through my mind 🙂

This location is where I ended up. Any further, and I would be on the beach:) Which is where I belonged, having ridden in 28 degC weather! Luckily, by the ocean, we were back to 21 degC.

Then I rode around Santa Monica.