Long Beach BMW Motorcycles

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A BIG THANK YOU to Richard and Glenn of Long Beach BMW, for taking care of my bike. Needed two new tires, new brake pads, plugs, air-filter and oil change. All expected. Rear brake rotor was an additional expense. Ouch. But the job was done, same day. Excellent service.

Whilst waiting for the bike, I bought a new GPS. A TomTom. See how that works out. Will not fit onto my RAM mount, so will have to figure something out.

Found an all-you-can-eat sushi/chinese place. Was quite acceptable.

Then a stroll around Long Beach. Took in a coffee shop, barber and tried to get to a banana-pie shop, but failed 🙂 Probably just as well.

I took the Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH) back to the hotel.

Then a stroll along Pico in Santa Monica to find a pub called ‘The Daily Pint‘, which has LOTS of whisk(e)y’s, lots of good beer and chat.

Funny to see the type of “grass” used in Santa Monica20151208_1632_SantaMonicaGrass

And I was wondering where were the house numbers? Turns out the house numbers are on the kerb.
Now that is a first for me.
Would not be possible where there is snow.

Richard & Pat says:

Just got robbed of my camera and camera bag with other stuff in there. But they left everything else. Very strange.
Heading into Mexico at all before heading east to Florida?

Lahodynskyj says:

Ouch!!! Check with your new neighbours. They may have recorded something useful on the security cameras.

Have not confirmed anything after SanFran. May go to Mexico after Florida.