Ewa recommended the Getty. What a great choice.

The buildings are grouped around a courtyard, perched on top of hills near Hwy405. Awesome architecture using lots of marble, and outstanding gardens.

Inside just one of the buildings there was a Van Gogh, Monet, and a Turner.

We had a great lunch in a courtyard. Real food. Only $33 for the two of us. Ewa was very generous with her time, and showing me not just the Getty Museum, but also LA from this great vantage point.

After lunch we parted, as I rode off to see some of LA.

One of the first signs I saw by the road, was to the Hammer Museum. Being as this was LA, I was surprised to see a museum dedicated to an British studio, that created a host of cult classics. But, in Tinsel Town, maybe everything was possible.
I almost fell off the bike laughing, when I turned the corner and saw a huge poster advertising ‘The Idea of North’ and showing a Lawren Harris painting! One of my favourite painters. I travel some 5,000 miles to find I am still home.
Here is their site 🙂 Assumptions, get you every time 🙂