From Griffith to Ventura

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Ran through downtown Los Angeles, which is looking seedy, and the newer area.

Then up to the Griffith Observatory to see the Hollywood sign. Met Wayne, the Serbian Harley rider, on an easy-rider bike. US flag and all. Lots of chat. So we ended up at the Red Lion for German food. Don’t go, is my advice. Shame. I have had really good German food in the USA this summer!

Rode through Hollywood to see the usual sights. A bit like Niagara Falls with granite stars on the sidewalk.

Ran on through Beverly Hills (nice mansions) and onto the Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH). Had been threatening rain. Some of it arrived, but no more than a Scottish mist. More worrisome was the gusty winds that would hit at unexpected, and most unwelcome times. Still. As the dark clouds lifted, the end of the sunset was visible. There is something awesome about the sun setting over the Pacific.

Ran into Ventura, after dark. Found a motel, and to bed. Up this morning, to update the blog and carry on up the coast.