Running up North, managed to loose the coastal highway a few times. Needed petrol, and a bite to eat, so pulled into Los Alamos.

My first choice for lunch, ‘Full of Life Flatbread’ was closed. Worse still, they advertised scotch egg on the menu. NoooooooOOooooo!

Went next door to Charlie’s. Had the daily special, hot-dog with chili. Most locals had the burger. Probably the better choice, as the chili was bland. Hot-dog was good.

As I was leaving the rain started. Sun still shining, but rain falling. Stopped as I got to the bike, so I rode on. Rain started a few miles down the road. Heavy. I was beginning to think that I should put on my waterproof clothing. But the rain did not last too long. And that is how most of the rest of the trip went. Rain, then sun.