Running up the coastal highway was great. Signage for the Hearst Castle tempted me to stop.

Did not have time to take a tour, as the next one was at 5:30pm. But did get to see the movie thanks to the kind ladies at reception. Awesome spot, with everyone of the rich and famous coming by in the day. Silver built the family fortune. Parlayed into a newspaper dynasty. And this LARGE home built.

My favourite piece of information? The family had a place in New York City and had so much stuff, that they needed THREE FLOORS, to house everything 🙂

Afterwards I did pick up some beef jerky. No wine available, as sold only when restaurant open. Even if you want to take the whole bottle home.

Came out to see the sun beginning to set. Ran on up the coast, with awesome vistas of the Pacific Ocean, and the sun setting over my left shoulder. Perfect.