Another cool but sunny day.

Time to catch up on my to-do list, which included updating the new TomTom with the ethanol-free stations. Computers are weird. Windows does not recognize the TomTom, but their software does. Any suggestions?

I also had to download a couple of conversion programs that would take the file from, and convert it into an OV2 file, for upload to the TomTom. The first program fell into some kind of stasis. The second program from Softop does not require any installation, just run the super efficient, and effective executable. One day all code will be like this?
But all the effort now means that I can now find pure gasoline when I am on the road.

Then out to buy some stamps, remarkably difficult. And a few other items.

Supper. Hmmmmm. Should have gone back to last night’s Chinese, or at least have them deliver.

A bit more planning. Looking scary-like that snow may be in the giant trees. Think I will head south before Christmas.