A quick run in to Calistoga was via Sterling winery. Had hoped to catch the sunset from the buildings on top of the hill. But no. All tastings done down in the valley. Shame.

Calistoga looks an interesting place, but I was heading out to see the geyser.
A couple of kliks and I was there. Not bad. Fires up every 2 or so minutes. Sometimes 50 feet up. The photo below shows that my son inherited all the photographic genes 🙂

Pity the steam well was blocked off. That is a neat way to cook. Put the items in a bucket, wind the bucket down into the steam, wait a few minutes. No fire. No electricity. Brill.

Fact I did not know, Robert Louis Stevenson spent his honeymoon on Mt. St. Helena, which overlooks this geyser.

Only wish I had brought along a picnic.

And for those who have been there, I did not stare at the goats 🙂 🙂 🙂