Headed out via Sebastopol, just because I wanted to see. Did not stop. Partly because there was an organic market, and I could see myself buying all sorts of tasty treats 🙂

The other reason was that there was some distance to run. So got right onto that, and lo and behold, the rain started.

Dressed in my waterproofs, filled up with petrol and rode on. Was beginning to wonder why, when I ran onto Hwy128.
Wow. Scenery that morphed from English, to Welsh to Redwood. All under a cover of clouds, that drifted down to a hundred feet off the ground. So a big “Thank you” to EJ from Mad Fritz, for suggesting I run up this way.
And more than the views was the scent of the place. That cold damp feeling that I grew up with in the UK, mixed with pines. Awesome. All while wrapped up dry and warm on the bike.

Swung by the Van Damme park to see the Pygmy Forest. Trees looked worse than a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I had in a life, far, far away:)

Then onto the Mendocino Headlands State Park. Awesome views, even on a cloudy day, with rain.
This is why people go20151217_1546_MondecinoCoast
But this is what caught my eye. I never noticed the interplay of light before. Even though I lived on the South Coast of England for many a year. Always thought the old masters had painted with some artistic licence. But the sky AND the ocean, were a contrast in dark and light. I tried to capture it…….20151217_1536_MondecinoSky, but really needed a photographer’s touch.

Was now 4pm, be dark soon, so I ran onto Fort Bragg and a motel where I could do laundry. But first, I lub’d the bike-chain and cleaned the front shocks. Rest of the cleaning will have to wait. Is forecasting rain tomorrow.