My thanks to the good guys at Mathews Harley Davidson, who kindly directed me to Cycle Gear, where I was able to buy Blue-Tac, my chain lube of choice.

Then on to Sequoia National Park.

Enroute at Squaw Valley I filled up, lub’d the chain, and managed to drop the bike! Cracked the plastic “bill”, but luckily duck tape fixed it. Never leave home without it.

Chatted with Bill, a trucker, ex-biker and ex-AirForce mechanic. He recommended Twin Peaks restaurant on the Dunlap Road. Seeing as breakfast had been at 8am and consisted of a single waffle, I ran right over there. Unfortunately was closed:( No hours posted. So carried on.

The road gave awesome views of the valley below……. and the clouds below……20151221_1507_aboveTheClouds02