As I rode along the 180, kept seeing signs posting the altitude. By 4,000ft I was beginning to see snow. Oh. And it was raining. The temperature that had been 14degC was now around 7degC

The snow plough parked by the side of the road was an indicator. More so when I spotted the driver. So this was ready to go. Snow was a real issue. And I was above 6,000ft, which meant the temperature was down to zeroDegC.

Arrived at Kings Canyon park gate-house to be told that I could not go on. Hwy198 was closed. And a big sign identified that you had to have chains on your tires to go further.

The Park Ranger suggested I pull over and take photos. The giant redwood by the gate was the only one I was going to see. So I parked by the ice, and took this photo….20151221_1534_KingsCanyon

Anne says:

The redwoods are amazing, you will need to comeback when the weather is better.