Up in the morning to a curry breakfast :):):)

Then onto the road, in the rain, to look at the State building, shop for some chain lube, and get onto the road to Fresno. 2 out of 3 is not bad 🙂

Roads were busy. Where is everyone going?

Pulled off into Merced as I needed to refuel. That is a “law” of motorcycling. Once the tank drops below 50%, refuel.

Found a nice person in Merced’s Visitor Center, who explained a bit of the history. There used to be a B52 Air Force base, but now there is just the museum. The museum does have a Vulcan bomber. Most people will remember the plane from the movie “Thunderball”.
There is now a sizeable student population, due to University of California.
And a bus service to Yosemite, multiple times a day.

Still. Had a booking in Fresno that could not be cancelled, so rode on.