Some real twisties from the Tree to the highway. Up and down the hills. Luckily I enjoy damp weather, as the rain continued. As did the misty-mountain vistas. And the sheer drop-offs, as the road wound round the hills.

Once on the highway was an easy run into Sacramento, where I found a place to stay close to downtown. Booked for two nights, so that I could dry off.

Supper was at a Mexican restaurant, with $4 beers for 24oz, an unusual glass size.

In the morning, it was a short walk by the river to Old Sacramento. There is a little park, in front of the pumps that pull in water for the city, from the river. That is where I took this photo……20151219_1204_Sacramento

The first building as I crossed the railway tracks into the Old Town, was the museum. Lots of history. Included the floods that devastated the city, such that in the 1850’s they raised the streets by an average of 10ft.
In one of the old levels I found a tasting room. Some nice wines, salami, cheese and chat.

A walk around the old town was nice, as the sun was now shining:)

Beeaar, the manager of the motel, had given me an address to a curry house. Popped into the Visitor Center and found out how to get there by public tranport.

Had some time before the restaurant opened, so popped into O’Malleys. What a blast!

Then onto the 88 bus and off to Ruchi Indian Cuisine. Had an excellent meal. Good tandoori chicken. REAL poori. Nice aloo gobi, bhindi and rice. Enough left over to take back with me. And I ordered a couple of samosa too. However, the service was, at best, diffident. There were two people on the floor, but only one seemed to be working with the customers. And there were not that many of us, customers. At the end, I asked for a taxi, as I had no phone reception. Waited 10mins, then a card for an accountant was dropped off on the table. So sad. Back in Hounslow (by London airport) there was a restaurant that I used to frequent, where the brother of the owner used to drive me home.
My take on Ruchi? Do go for the food, because it is worth it.

Walked back to the bus stop to find services stop around 8:30pm. Still no phone reception, so walked the 4 miles back to the motel.

Louise says:

Sounds like you are having a very interesting time.

Lahodynskyj says:

Heck. Even just watching the sunsets is a great time. Sky is different shades of red n blue, with clouds forming an awesome set of shadows and shades.

People are great. Found good beer. But liquor is quicker. Margarita 🙂