Up and ran down the highway to Bakersfield. Managed to get ahead of the weather, which had been nasty all night and seemed to be threatening really high winds.

Found a Starbucks and did some scouting around for next stop. Removed the liner from my jacket, as temperatures up to 17degC again.

Realized that should check the bike more thoroughly. Had stopped for fuel and found the pannier had been pushed in enough to impede the opening of the filler cap. Hmmm
Found a nearby motel and washed the sand off the panniers and exhaust. Sand from the roads yesterday, in the higher parts of the mountain, to counteract the ice. Checked the bike over. Front indicator lamp had been knocked off it’s setting. Hard to notice. No biggie. A few minutes with screwdriver and spanner, and all was perfect again. Lub’d the chain again. Looks a bit loose. Everything else OK.

Popped out for supper, to the Lengthwise Brewing Company. Beer n food OK. Young lad behind the bar was disinterested in his work. To quote a good friend “Never hire anybody under 40”. Still the place was cute, with lots of motorcycles, including what appears to be a New Imperial !20151222_1739_LengthwiseBrewing01


Back and cover up the bike and get on with some “paperwork”. And this blog 🙂