Running back down the hills, I took a left down the 245. Time for an adventure. If Top Gear ever want to go looking for the best driving road……….in the world, they should come here.

Stopped off at the Pinehurst Lodge, for excellent people, real log fire, and an outstanding corn chowder.

Refreshed I rode off along the twisties, as the sun set. Outstanding views till the dark set in. Then it was a question of running along in first and second gear for most of the time. Real twisties, and even with the high-beam, I rarely saw more than 20ft in front of me.

The first part of the road had reflective poles to guide one along. But below the snow line, “cats eyes“! Hurrah!!!! Lets you see MUCH further down the road. Brilliant invention. Used all over the UK. Maps out the road for half a mile or more.

Once down to the 216, I switched on the GPS and ran on in to Visilia. Found a reasonable motel, parked the bike and went for a curry. Cafe India was acceptable food, and good service.

On the way back, I noticed that the Fox Theatre was open. And showing ‘Rogue Nation’. However, this was a corporate event. I would have to deliver pizza. Feathers and I laughed, wished each other the best, and I came back to update this blog.