Well L.A. gave me quite the traffic treatment. Took 3hrs to cross. No reason that I ever encountered for the delays. But it was not nice.

Along the way I got off 5, and removed my rain suit. Sitting in traffic at 20degC, with my rain suit on was too much.

Luckily there were opportunities to “lane split”, but not always. Loaded with gear, increased the space required between cars.

Things calmed down as dusk approached, and I pulled into San Clemente for a coffee. I also booked a motel, in Carlsbad.

Ran on down a free-flowing 5 into Carlsbad.

Found the Surf Motel, despite the Dutch. Yup, the TomTom was being late with turn directions. Still. Could be worse, as in this example.

Robert at the front desk had me sorted, plus gave me a map and pointed out where there be dragons. Or pints 😉

Sorted out my gear and bike. Then went in search of a pint. The Compass had no cask, so tried the next, Pizza Port. Hallelujah! Was the dregs of the barrel, literally. But most acceptable IPA. They make too many beers to mention, though I did sample a coffee porter that was 11%, but tasted alcohol free! Stephen took care of me. Nice chat at the bar. And Barry the fire-fighter gave a stronger handshake than mine 🙂

Ola would have liked Carlsbad. Full of neat shops, lights and fun places.