Final check on the bike, tire pressures. Then packed.
I dressed in my rain suit before heading out of Bakersfield. Seemed a bit silly as it was 17degC, but clouds were dark, and forecast of rain.

Ran down 99 with what looked like tornado coming. Wind felt strong enough at times. Then shortly after 99 became 5, the road started to climb. Traffic bunched up. And it became cold. Winds still gusting strongly, and I ran into clouds. Was like a mild rain. But the temperature dropped to 3degC.

Luckily this only lasted until the road started to drop down towards Los Angeles. The sun reappeared, and the temperature rose to 22degC. The traffic started moving also.

At the outskirts of Los Angeles I needed fuel, as did the bike. The was a Marie Callender’s and a Chevron. Filled, we both headed out on the road again:)