Up early, so carried on sending my Christmas greetings.

Quick breakfast (coffee and a danish), and a long chat. Photos much later, as they were taken on film.

Finished sending my Christmas greetings. Bound to be a few I missed, so hope to catch those tomorrow. As I will, those without email.

Then out to try a sushi place recommended by Robert last night.Yoshino was excellent. Salmon roll and vegetable roll for $10. Place only opens for lunch. Small, hole in the wall. Worth a visit.

Had to go to another place for a cup of tea, then off in search of cake and pies.

Ended up doing a long walk around Carlsbad, and buying a WiFi hotspot from Verizon. At times my Q10 could not find a network. When I asked people around me, Verizon seemed to be the most reliable network. 2Gigs, pre-paid, for 2 months for $35US. Worth a try. And David, sales-guy with a Honda 450cc wangled me a free unit and waived connection charges 🙂

Saw the nice houses “on the hill” as I walked around. But no Christmas cake. And the pie shop was closed till Saturday.

Walked down to the sea, and along the sea-front to Dini’s, suggested by Dawn at the front desk as a place to watch the sun go down. How to spot a tourist? They are the only ones in short-sleeve shirts, watching the sun go down 🙂