Up to catch the train to San Diego. Just under an hour along the coast. Sun shining. Waves looked neat.

Got off and walked over to the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier, that was the biggest ship afloat. The first that would not fit in the Panama Canal. Housed 4,500 people.

And a great platform for the San Diego skyline20151226_1420_sanDiegoPanorama

There was lots to see. I spent some 5hrs there! Lots of volunteers, with lots of good stories 🙂
One thing I learned was that a naval Commander would be in charge of the boat whilst it was undergoing a refit. Visions of James Bond danced in my head.

I left as the sun was going down and took this photograph
The USS Midway, is at the back, looking very much like a multi-storey car-park!

I did not have much time, so visited Gastown and Little Italy. Was a HUGE line-up at Landini’s Pizzeria.