Caught the Coaster train to get from today’s San Diego, to the Old Town. Just a few minutes north. Next station in fact.

Got off the train, and Old Town was right in front of the station. Walked through the park and straight over to Whaley House. Seemed the best place to go. It was dark. And a promise of ghosts.
I arrived just as a tour was starting. Perfect.
The first room we visited was the court room, which had, according to the guide, the main portal for ghosts where the jury sat. Hence this photo
20151226_1942_lookingForGhosts but no anomalies. Apparently the ghosts will cause distortions or even take their own photos.
Was a fun tour. In a house that had a courtroom, general store and theatre, as well as 4 bedrooms, a parlour, kitchen, bathroom and dining room, but no toilets. Toilets used to be in a brick outhouse, in the backyard. There was a HUGE chamber pot in the main upstairs bedroom. Looked like a very large and tall soup tureen, with a lid and pretty pink decoration. Oil lamps lit the home. And a new rug from England, that matched the original in both pattern and construction, covered the parlour floors.

Once outside, there were still lots of other places to visit. One was a candy store. Walked around the rest of the park, and had an espresso whilst promoting Leicester City 🙂

Had awoken in time to see to Leicester vs Liverpool, which Leicester lost 1-0. Whilst waiting in lines at the USS Missouri, (to get onboard, and get a bite to eat), I was watching the results from the only team that could knock Leicester off the top of the English Premier League, Arsenal. They were playing Southampton, who thrashed them 4-0. So smiles for us Leicester supporters :):):) And hopefully there are two more supporters in Old Town.
So Leicester still reign top of the Premiership. Two points ahead of Arsenal, and three ahead of Manchester City. A huge change from last season :):):)
Now if only North America had relegation, that would sort out the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC and a few other teams. They would descend to the level of their play, rather than plying their supporters with faint hope, and crushing disappointment every season. Or how about TWO teams in Toronto! After all, Manchester has two teams in the Premier League with a much smaller population than Toronto.

Richard & Pat says:

Hey Lube,

Thank you for the text for Christmas. We have been quite busy here with the kids and all.
Sounds like you are reveling in the Cali weather and do not want to leave. After all the riding must be great.
Cheers and chat with you again soon.