Ran on through Escondido, planning to stop at Julian. This was prompted by an old BBC radio show, ‘Round the Horne’, that had a pair of characters with the saying “Hello. My name is Julian……..” Of such whimsical thoughts, is my day based :):):) However, Julian turned out to be chilly (6degC) and very cloudy. Plus lots of tourists wandering around, so I rode on.

I rode on until I hit Hwy86, where I stopped to decide where to go next, and have a cup of tea.

Hwy78 had been great. Twisties, straights and all sorts of scenery. The Anza-Borrego State Park had really different hills. But a word to the wise, do not use 78 if it is raining heavily. Signage states that the road floods. But more importantly, the road appears to run on a river-bed.

I headed up 86 to Mecca. Yes. There is a place called Mecca in California.

Along the way I stopped by the Salton Sea. Unfortunately, the cafe was closed, and the sea far away. You can read why here.

From there I jumped onto 66th Ave and ran along another awesome road, till I reached Hwy10, and pushed onto Phoenix.

Lost an hour, so pulled in very late. Glad to be warm. The temperature would often drop below 5degC, as I was riding across the desert at night.

And on that note, I bid you all a goodnight 🙂