Tip Top Meats & Deli

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Yesterday was spent working on the blog, the bike (chain was too slack, and the RHS pannier needed work) and then going out for chicken pot pie and a last stroll.

Pie was from Village Pie, who let me know that it would be 45mins before a pie was available. It was longer, but they took the soup off the bill, as an apology. Nice touch. Pie was OK. But not as good as Cumbrae’s.

Back to the motel and prep for the leaving.

Up on Monday morning to pack and head out. Put on my long-johns as I was heading over the mountains, and there it was -2degC when I awoke.

Also stocked up on a good breakfast at Tip Top Deli where for $10, my only regret was that they do not serve their own Curry Bratwurst. 4 sausages, 3 eggs, homefries, toast and coffee, what is not to like!