After Jesse Luggage I rode to Iron City to pick up some Blue-Tac chain lube. Was on their site, but not in stock. Hopefully tomorrow.

I then rode back along Van Buren in search of a bank, and breakfast. Took a bit of finding. Most downtowns are walkable, so easy to find what you need. However, Phoenix is geared to the automotive traveller, who goes to one spot, and knows where that one spot is. Took a couple of attempts till I found both the bank and food.

Back to my motel, in time to pop over to Phoenix Ale Brewery.
“Uncle” George was unable to make it, but Mike took care of me, and I sampled some excellent brews.
Oh well. I will have to go back tomorrow 😉

Walked back to the motel and talked with Marc. We go back to Y2K at American Express, when I reported to him on Canadian preparations. He suggested Via Delossantos for supper and we met there. I had an excellent cod with bext Mexican rice (so far), and mixed veg (courgette and corn). I was the only one to have desert (cajeta). Four of us, and the bill, with taxes, was just under $60, including 2 drinks. Was a fun evening. We have traded emails and Christmas cards, but meeting for real is far more fun, and informative.

One piece of information, was that snow was a real problem on Hwy10, east of Arizona. Will have to check the weather, and do some serious route planning, if I am going to get to Florida.

The ride back to the motel was easy. I used Central. Looks like a great street. A bit like Yonge Street in Toronto, but cleaner, wider, streetcar track on much of it, and palm trees. ;):):)