My target was Bisbee, which was easily reached as the sun set in a clear blue sky, with a few clouds. Awesome.

Bisbee is a mining town, with a big open-pit mine on the south side. The town itself reminded me of Portugal, pretty and hilly. Very hilly.

But the evenings are longer now, so I rode on to Douglas.

Found a motel.

Supper was going to be harder. The town was closed for the New Year celebrations. Seemed that people were heading into Mexico to party. Or staying at home.
So I ended up at KFC. I say that with some reluctance, as once you have Popeye’s…… never go back.
But it had been a long time since breakfast, and any chicken in batter is better than going hungry.

Returning to the motel, Roger the owner introduced me to the other Canadians staying there! A crew of 16-18yr olds with 2 parents from the Woodstock area. They were down for a habitat mission. Yup, no matter where you travel, you will meet people from Ontario 🙂

Happy New Year everyone 🙂
Thanks for the Best Wishes :):):)