Sun was still shining and the temperature was up to 17decC as I rode off to Tombstone.

I was a few minutes too late for the last Gunfight at the OK Corral, at 3:30pm. But there was still lots to see.

I had a nice chat with a young lass from Bolton, England 🙂
Drank a sasparilla. Always featured in cowboy movies 🙂
Visited all the buildings and cemeteries.
Could have spent the whole day there.

But Florida is waiting, so I rode off into the sunset……..:)

Ritchie says:

Tombstone–one of my all-time favourite movies. Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer (before he gained weight). “You called down the Thunder, well now you’ve got it. You tell ’em I’m coming, and hell’s coming’ with me, you hear?”

Lahodynskyj says:

Sounds like a Harley motorcycle to me 🙂