All good things must come to an end?

So ended the sunshine and the warmth. And as I struggled through temperatures that hovered below 6degC, down as far as 3degC, my fuel began to run out.

I had my RotoPax, so another 100km in reserve, but I had chosen to take Hwy9, rather than the highway. Was a good choice. Rolling landscape, with snow-capped mountains on the horizon. But the hamlets were tiny, and shut down on New Year’s Day.

So no breakfast and no petrol.

Hahahaha! I love a challenge 🙂

For all of you who want to conserve fuel. The simple answer is to go slowly. My bike registers current consumption. I can assure you that if I ride below the speed limit there is a 30%+++ savings.

And us boy-scouts always carry munchies.

Then Columbus hove into view. Basically a cross-roads with quite a few buildings, and thankfully a petrol station.
There was one pump setup for 24hr operation.
I filled up, and normal service was resumed on the road 🙂

You cannot do this in England. Run along a road that is straight as an arrow, with NO OTHER TRAFFIC, either front or back, for as far as the eye can see. And the horizon is a LONG way away. No buildings either. Wide open skies. Awesome.

Only chaps who stopped when I was layering up or having a munch, were border security.

After Columbus, it was an easy run into El Paso. Rode into the town, and around. Town was closed up.
So I headed out on Hwy10 in prep for San Antonio. Found a place to overnight. Lube’d and cleaned the bike. Had a bite, then updated this blog.

Should take a moment to thank all those who have commented on the blog. And also to the many more who have commented through more traditional means of phone, email, text and BBM. Thank you.
You are never alone when on two wheels. But it is great to keep in touch with friends and family when on the road 🙂 “I love technology when it works.”