Up and breakfast. Learnt what Americans mean by ‘Canadian Bacon’, which is their version of a large kobasa. No bacon involved. Staff were super nice about making replacements, etc…..

Rode out in 6degC weather. Had to fill up. Bike ran to empty in 130km. So filled up and ran East along Hwy10.

The police were everywhere! Stopping lots of people. I just carried on.

Ran out of fuel around 180km. Filled up. Had a water and munchie. Back on the bike and running East. Was colder. Dropped down to 3degC. Road went up into the hills, and into the clouds.

Am wishing that I had bought a larger windshied….

Kept running east till I reached Sheffield. Not the Sheffield once famous for cutlery and indestructible tools. Nor the one that gave rise to Jamie Vardy 🙂 Nope. This was Sheffield in Texas. Hoped to find some accommodation, but the town was almost as dark as the night.

Ran onto Ozana, where I had to pull in for fuel. Found a likely motel, and I moved in.

Lube’d up the bike chain, etc…unpacked then went for supper at the Hitchin Post, where I had a real burger 🙂

Back to the motel for laundry and updating this blog.


PS: No more phone calls please. I am seeing if I can exist on WiFi alone.