Up and fueled the bike then ran along Hwy10. Weather a lot warmer, around 9degC 🙂

Country was a bit boring. Until an hour out of Ozana, when the hills started, and the curvy roads 🙂

A couple of fill-ups along the way. The second required a lady to use her card. Mine would not work, so I gave her $5, and poured in $4.99 worth of gasoline. She should be rich pretty soon at this rate, haha.

This meant that I had enough fuel to get to Boerne, where there was supposed to be some real petrol. However, it turned out that the real stuff was closed on Sunday’s. In any case, they appeared to be geared for high volume sales. Not the 4 gallons that my bike can take.

Luckily, I rode past a really pretty part of town, that had a restaurant called Little Gretel. Popped in for lunch. Real food and nice, efficient service 🙂

Found a couple of suggestions for where to go for food in San Antonio in the Sunday paper. And only 54km left to ride.