Los Potrillos, Mexican Restaurant

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Kept running east till I hit Beaumont, where there was a possibility of real petrol. Turned out that I would need to buy in bulk.
Still. Did have a nice chat with the folks in the Regional Visitor Centre, and a free coffee.
Plus there was a restored MG, a copy of the Liberty bell, and more, in the building. There was also a movie playing on the “golden triangle’s” industry!

So I ran on till the traffic jam at Lake Charles. Funny how your perceptions work. There was I thinking Lake Charles was some woodsy town, full of fishing and other outdoor pursuit. And what did I see? Refineries. Lots.
Ran around the traffic jam. But, there is only the one bridge, so after a few miles, had to rejoin the jam. Was moving better by now, so I bashed on.

Temperature had been down to 8degC, for a while. I was beginning to feel cold, and Lafayette beckoned.
But it was not to be.
I realised that I was really cold now. Saw a sign for a Budget Inn, so ran onto that.

Booked in. Dumped the tent, etc in the room and went for supper at Los Potrillo. A colourful place with good food.

Back to the motel and update this blog.

Also looked at the distance to Miami. 600km done today. 1,600km to go. Hmmmmmmmm. Not going to be there for Christmas. Ukrainian Christmas, that is. Nor for Little Christmas.
Need a PlanB.