Up thinking that I should have drunk water along with the drinks last night. So out in search of breakfast.

Found a place almost next door. Amaya’s provided an outstanding soup, and two different but really tasty soft tacos. Homemade tacos. Wow.

Walked on, and soon came to The Alamo.

Now The Alamo is an icon, known around the world. We have all seen at least one of the movies. Even I learned the song back in my student days. But I was surprised at the reverence that Texas has to the Alamo, which is referred to as a shrine.
I did not know that Mexicans (referred to as ‘Tejenos’) fought with Colonel Travis. In fact a Mexican, José Antonio Navarro, provisioned the fort.
Spent several hours here. Was really nice.

The market held one of the restaurants that I had read about on Sunday, Viva Villa. Had a bowl of noodle soup. 20160104_1516_vivaVillaTaqueria_carnitaFideo
The broth was excellent. The tacos, not as good as Amaya’s. I parlayed some of the meat and veg into the tacos, then ate the noodles. It was all good.

I then took a stroll to Navarro’s house, but it was closed. Still, I did see more of San Antonio. And nice it was.

On the way to my destination, the Tower of The Americas, saw that the cleanup of the river had begun. Every year, in early January, the city dams the river, so they can check on the walls, sluices and clean up any debris.

At the tower, I took the elevator to the bar (so no need to buy a visitor ticket), and settled down to watch the sunset. 20160104_1723_towerOfAmericas_sunset
A cup of tea, and some calamari, made the waiting pleasant.

There is a HUGE convention center just north of the Tower, that would have necessitated a big detour, in order to get back to the hotel. However, the river flows UNDER the buildings, so I took the river path. Really handy these River Walks.
And in summer, they must be really practical. In fact the whole of downtown appears to be well suited to managing the heat, with lots of trees and wide avenues, as well as the river.

Nice place, San Antonio.

Mind. Texas is an Open Carry state. So you will see signs outside buildings, stating that guns are prohibited. Don’t get that in Canada!