Found the motel easily enough. Temperature was now up to 16degC 🙂

Unloaded and gave the bike the usual once over. Cleaned and lube’d the chain.
Will have to buy a new toothbrush. Had to throw the old one away. Most people just spray the chain. I am old school, and use the toothbrush to remove dirt, and spread the grease.

Unpacked, and walked into town. Was an easy stroll. The motel is on Commerce Street, so I just had to follow the road. Had a map from the concierge What could go wrong?

Was a nice stroll. Lots of interesting buildings. And I reached the market without getting lost. Outdoor band and dancing on a side street !

Found a bar. Had a Bock, but it was more like a brown lager, so moved onto a Zapata. Lots of fruit, and tastes alcohol free. Chatted with Bob, doing the husband waiting around till the wife is finished shopping. Still, he gets to drink a beer 🙂

Same barman who recommended the Zapata, suggested a bar down by the river.

San Antonio, has done wonders with the river that runs through the town. It has basically turned itself into a little Venice. You can walk across the town, all along the river, and never have to walk along the streets. Plus for winter, they add pretty lights 🙂

Was a great walk.
And before I got to the recommended pub, hit an Irish pub. Had a Guiness and a chat with Jason, the new Exec Chef at one of the hotels. He made me drink a Jameson 😉 We had another Guiness and went our separate ways.

I stopped by at the suggested pub, didn’t like it, so moved on. There was an interesting looking bar near the motel, that I wanted to try. Popped in. Found they had cider, so had one, and then to bed.