Up in the morning to head east on a sunny morning.

Lots of police and traffic on the roads. Took a while to get anywhere, so I pulled off at the Best Stop, courtesy of a road sign.
Had a boudin, which turned out to be made of rice, pork, peppers, onions and spices. Had that for breakfast:) With a free coffee :):)
People are so nice on the road.
And before I forget, took some Cracklin and a smoked sausage for later 😉

Spotted a Harley sign enroute the Best Stop. Stopped by, but they did not have a new visor. However, they directed me to a store 3 doors away, who not ony had the visor, but fitted it for me.
I can now see! Well. Better. Now that there are no scratches, nor marks.

Back on the road and made it to the outskirts of New Orleans.

Had called the Ukrainian Consul in New Orleans to check out what churches were available. The short answer was “None”. But, there was St. Basil’s, where Ukrainians attend sometimes. Checked the Events Calendar, and a service was being held this evening.

Rode up to the church, plugged the co-ordinates into my TomTom, then rode off to find a bed for the night.
Negotiated a rate. Unpacked. Then back to the church.

Was a nice service. Part English. Part Serbian. And all out-doors! Nice. Really nice.
Plan B worked.

“Xhristos Roddivsya” everyone 🙂

Roman says:

That’s really cool, Lu.
Merry Christmas!

Lahodynskyj says:

Dyakuyu 🙂