Up on Ukrainian Christmas Morning to find rain. Hmmmmmm. Heavy rain. Was supposed to be tomorrow.
PS: Nothing from St. Nick as Ukrainians get their presents in December on St.Nicholas Day, and only if they were good 🙂

Today has not been a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Day.

After loading up the bike, and filling up with real gasoline, I headed out on Hwy10. Was a wet ride. Often a very wet ride. And no breakfast.

So when this NASA Science Center hove into view, I pulled in. Not Cape Kennedy, but nice.
And hot food. Nice person, Yolanda, on duty. Catfish was nice. Coffee machine broken though.
Decided against the bus-trip to see where NASA, Rolls-Royce and others test their engines. No testing taking place today. Would have been nice to see the flames, and hear the sound 🙂

Back outside and the rain had lessened. But I soon caught up with it. And not even riding fast. Traffic moving well, but lots of police.
Wondered why. Then saw a couple of accidents, but luckily the huge tail-back was on the other side of Hwy10.

And there were a few other bikers out there. So I am not the only daft one 🙂

Close to Mobile, became time to fill up. Found Zippy Mart, that had pure gasoline, and a gentleman who used to live at Finch&Bathurst in Toronto!!! Pointed me to Cuisine Of India, where I over-indulged in tandoori.

Found a cheap motel nearby and unpacked my kit to dry out.

And at close of day, please join me with some Ukrainian Christmas carols, verses, and songs, by clicking here

“Smach-noii ku-tyi”

Richard & Pat says:

Merry Christmas to you Lube.

Lahodynskyj says:

Dzinkyuye 🙂