The chain was easily put back into place. Just that the work had to be done by the side of the road at night. Luckily I travel with a reflective triangle.

Nice thing was that 2 people stopped to ask if I needed help. And one, Larry from Chicago, had a recommendation for a place to stay in St.Mark’s. And a place for supper. The Cooter Stew Cafe.

Ended up at Cooters. If you go much further, you end up in the river 🙂 Asked for directions to the Camp, and found it the second time. Was closed for the season.

So back to Cooters, for supper (burger & hot chocolate). Both nice. As was Cathy, the barmaid.

Whilst waiting for the burger, found a place in Perry. So with supper done, back on the bike and ran on.

Riding a motorcycle at night down country roads can be problematic. Running into creatures has ended the ride, sometimes for good.
Figured that in Florida I would only have to worry about alligators on the road.
But did see a sign warning about bears. Honest! And two small deer. The dear were more worrisome, as they can move, unlike the bear sign 😉

Miami on monday I think.