Pensacola Beach and Panama City

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Up. Packed the bike and headed towards Mobile. Across the bridge, a really long bridge, and into Florida.

Headed down onto Pensacola Beach, across the toll bridge and stopped at the Native Cafe for breakfast and a cuppa. Was a neat place with good food.

And the whole Pensacola Beach is a neat place. A long sand spit. Where you can see water on both sides. Or you could if it were not for the fog! Hahahaha

Rode on to Panama City, where I noticed a British flag in the old part of town. Was tempting to stop at the Willow Cafe. Would have stopped but…..the sky was beginning to lighten. Can ride further.

Ran on. And on. And ……. the sun set. Quite a nice sunset.

The traffic lightened, and the sky became dark.

Ran on.

And started looking for a motel, when………… the chain fell off.