Had run through Sarasota last night. Ending up in Venice. My take. Stay in Sarasota. Nothing to recommend Venice.

Next morning up and continued down Hwy41. However, the road since Perry had been a selection of strip malls, and car dealerships. occasional swampland. Very occasional. And nowhere near the Gulf views of before.

Continued that way till Naples. Nice busy old town, awesome houses for the rich, and you can see the Gulf coast at various points.

Then the thought of more strip malls, car dealerships and occasional swamps drove me onto I75, and placed me at the outskirts of Miami. Found a sign for a curry, but they were closed. Next door had roast duck with vegetables 🙂
A quick zip into Miami along highways. Am now awaiting a bill for using the “express lanes”. Similar to the 407 back in Toronto, cameras take your picture as you zoom along.

Found the motel. Unpacked and called Paul.

Paul and Judy came down and picked me up. We went for beers. However, Judy was uncomfortable with the location of Wynwood Brewery. Not us chaps. We just wanted good beer! The area looked like a cross between Toronto’s Queen West alley-ways and Trinidad. Seemed OK to me. Seriously. But never argue with the “Duty Driver”.
So we went to the World of Beer, near by. Difference? Tasting flights at the Phoenix Brewery were $5. Here they were $12 or $14. Plus the Phoenix Brewery had munchies. World of Beers had nothing. Not even a packet of crisps!
Still. The conversation was fun. Got to see more of Miami (Design area). And I did not have to ride.

Back to the motel, which is in the MiMo area. Been told to go for coffee at the Chevron gas station in the morning. Hmmmmm. Have to go, if only to whinge about it here in the blog! Hahahahahaha

g’nite 🙂

PS: It is 24degC here, so the beard is on it’s way out. Back to a moustache. Hope everyone in Toronto is staying warm.

Richard & Pat says:

Good to hear you made it to Miami.24 degrees sounds great. We’re at about -6 today so it’s not too bad.
Making Philippe’s b’day dinner tomorrow. Pork chops, pierogies with cheese and apples and red cabbage, along with a few beers. And chocolate cake for dessert.