Up for breakfast at the Chevron garage across the street. NICE espresso, and fresh squeezed orange juice 🙂 Food looked good too, but…..

Paul had provided me with El Siboney as a decent place for food, in Key West. So off I rode.

Was busy traffic getting out of Miami, and then Hwy1 was often just one lane. Took 4hrs to get to the restaurant. View was nice.
Meal was OK. And the temperature was up to 23degC.

Headed off to the Atlantic coast and then started running back to Miami. Theory was to hit Key Largo and watch the sun go down. But timing and traffic was not going to let this happen.

So I rode around the old town till I found a place to watch the sun go down. Not that easy. Various developments seem to have taken most of the coast line.

Then park the bike. A bit of a stroll. And a piece of key lime pie. Ola would have like this Key West. Lots of cute shops, and cake 🙂

After dark, the roads were much clearer, and found a tag partner (biker) to ride towards Miami. Always more fun where there are two of you to play convoy. We parted on the mainland, and, wonders of wonders, my TomTom took me to the Wynwood Brewery. Address is similar to that of the motel. Guess TomTom figured I needed a beer 🙂 However, last orders had been called 🙁
I took a proper look at the walls. Scene from Star Wars, the original movie!

Found my way back to the motel, clean the bike and lube the chain. Cover up, as the rain is becoming steady.

Needed a walk, so off to a pub, called Churchill’s. Turned out to be a BIG disappointment as a pub. So had a half pint. Yes. That is what they serve. And $8. Yea gods!

Walked back and updated this blog.