Headin’ up the Highway

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Up and over the street to the Chevron garage for breakfast. Fresh squeezed orange juice, a chicken&sundried tomato sandwich and a coffee-con-leche.

Back to the motel. Packed the bike. Said bye to Brian, Maria and Sam (kind owners of the motel) and headed up Hwy95.

I ended up getting lost and riding by Disney World. By the time I got back onto Hwy95 it seemed to have been a good idea. The toll road had been a lot quieter. But it did take until dark to arrive.

To everyone in Canada. Temperature has dropped to only 13degC

Found the Jacksonville motel and checked in. They have me on the 2nd floor, but with elevator and cart, I was able to unload the bike in one go. I really do have lots of stuff.

Supper was nice Chinese.

Then update this blog, and to bed. G’nite

Richard & Pat says:

Speaking of Star Wars, Pat and I just came back from seeing it. Very disappointing.
But at least the jalapeno and jack cheese burger was good.
Nice to hear it’s only 13 c as it’s a bit colder here.


Lahodynskyj says:

When I asked, Andrew recommended seeing it on a Tuesday, when tickets are cheap. They cut in lots of old footage. Guess I will now wait until the Library has it.