Up and off to BMW. Was almost 2km 🙂 Reviewed the issues. Aside from the oil change and new chain, turns out I need sprockets, cover and guide as well as the chain. Also the fuel sensor is acting up, but that is under warranty. Will have to come back.
Was nice meeting Chuck (Service Mgr), Travis (Parts&Sales) and Wyatt (another customer, trainee welder, with family in Phoenix who have NOT visited the brewery, yet!).

Picked up the bike and went off to run some errands, then a pint (New Belgium from Colorado).

Parked the bike. Picked up more Chinese. Had a bite, then a chat with Hadley (next door neighbour, trainee trucker, and soon to be married, though he does not know it yet).

Made some tea, and am preparing for an early night.

Richard & Pat says:

When Pat & I go to the movies it’s always a cheap date as we pose as “seniors” 2 tickets come to $18. Beat that.
Good thing for warranties, eh?

Lahodynskyj says:

Like the Senior angle. Have used it myself. Even though I am only 27 😉

As for warranties: does that mean I have to sell the bike in October? That is when the warranty runs out.