Up and off to BMW Miami. They were mega busy, but offered to do the work, but only with a BMW chain. Really nice of them to accommodate a traveller. But as I explained, had called BMW Oakville and discussed chain and rear sprocket. Could not show up in Oakville with a different configuration…….so off to BMW Fort Lauderdale, who turned out to be even busier. I really only had a 2 day window, so tough to fit me in. The good guys at Fort Lauderdale had a desk, so I pulled out my laptop and looked at Jacksonville. Chuck confirmed that BMW Jacksonville could fit me in on Thursday, so I booked a hotel nearby.

Then off to lunch with Jack.

Found parking a problem at our meeting spot, so went around the block and found an ideal space. Turned out to be fortuitous, as I chanced upon Downtown Cuts. Needed a trim. Had time. So popped in. Sam took good care of me, and made smile, as I was pretty much the same when I was 26yrs old 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just a year ago, hahahahaha

Coming out of the barber shop, I bumped into Jack&Susan! Perfect. We walked over to the Sushi Room. Had really nice sushi, and a bowl of noodle soup. Jack and Susan had a bento box, which was served on a china version of the paper-mache boxes.
We had a long chat, that continued as we walked back to our respective vehicles. Was a really nice lunch 🙂

The ride back to the motel was a bit rough, as rush hour started, and the battery on my TomTom died. Luckily the motel is on Hwy1, so I was able to get back AOK, and run some errands on the way.

Supper was at the Blue Collar, just up the street from the motel, where Cary took really good care of me. Had really nice scallops on a warm vegetable salad. Ginger beer, then IPA, then a chat with the “Lovely Stephanie”, and a bock. Was a fun evening. And a free pudding!

Back at the motel, I was going to update the blog, but went to bed instead 🙂