Saturday and the Fix is in!

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Up late to a somewhat cloudy day.

Ian showed up wanting to look at my tent. Really interesting guy. Done LOTS of solo-sailing. Turns out that people in boats off the California coast are worse than drivers in Miami.
The worst drivers that I have seen so far, were in Miami. Worst still. They are not all old folk!

Popped over to the main hall. Food truck was serving brisket n chips, all smothered with Mac&cheese. It was good.

Went to the seminar on motorcycle riding given by the local sheriff department. They were really good. Even in the rain. Even though one dropped his bike. Their mantra: “You’ve got to practice, all the time!”

Rather than stand in the rain, I watched the demo from under the awning of something called ‘Post Exchange’. Went inside to find out what it was, and learnt the full words for the term ‘PX’. Bought some munchies and a high-visibility vest. The hi-viz vests are compulsory on the camp. I was wearing my hi-viz Frogg Toggs rain gear, on the way in. Hoping I will not need it on the way out.

Then over to he kitchens. I had voluntered and was awarded the role of Mr Green Beans. !2 cans of beans to reheat and dust with almonds. Had to change the process. Old boy in charge wanted me to boil them to death. Showed that it only took 2mins per can. and one can just fitted into a disposable roaster tray.
Had supper last. Nice steak. NY striploin.

Back over to the main hall, where the fix was in.
The bigger rallies present a certificate to the: oldest rider; youngest; and furthest distance travelled. I have covered 10,042 miles since leaving Toronto. How could I loose?
Well. The NEF decided that only the distance from your home to the rally counts. So some chap who rode in from Phoenix won. FIX! I was 3 days in Phoenix! And I came in from the west Coast. So I should have won, just for that!!!
Am going to whinge about this for ever! hahahahahaha

First bit of whinging was at the campfire.

But even I cannot whinge until 2:30am. We had to discuss lots of serious subjects. One of my contributions? That the decline of the American Empire could be attributed to the rise of consumption of cold, fizzy, tasteless beer. 😉 Evidence? When they revolted against the British Monarchy, they were drinking cask ale. Now they drink this cold fizzy stuff, cannot keep 9 sailors from being captured by the Iranian navy. 😉

Went to sleep with the sound of heavy rain on the tent. Best sound in the world. You are warm and dry. And the rain drumming on the tent.

Lucy says:

🙂 I love being snug in a tent and listening to rain – just as well living in England, I don’t think any camping trip has ever disappointed ha ha
glad you are having a lovely time xxx

Lahodynskyj says:

Promise of more rain on Friday. Planning on not doing a lot 🙂

biker says:

hmmmmmm. Found a spam entry in my blog. Weird or what. Usual to find spam Comments, but this is the first spam Post.
Have deleted the post that I have seen. 2016jan17 date. hmmmmm.