Gold Head State Park – Day02

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Up to sunny skies. A bit chilly, so lay in bed and updated the blog.

Then up and sorting out my kit. Boots still drying out, but dry enough for a bit of TLC.

The sun is out and a really nice day.

Steve, a neighbour, came over with some oranges, as they were heading home. Or not as it turned out. Dead battery. Luckily a new neighbour Fred showed up, with a socket-set and knowledge. So went the late afternoon. My biggest contribution was holding the light and chatting up Jan (Steve’s wife) with junk-food, while the two lads went in search of a new battery.
Steve is ex-CSI (the real one), and Jan teaches child-birth classes (after 9 kids, she should!).

I then popped out for breakfast/lunch/supper meal at an Irish pub, but it was closed on Mondays. Went for pizza. Will let you know how it works out.

Susan G says:

Don’t ask me simple math questions. I have to engage my thinker. Sorry I’ve missed your phone calls. I normally keep my ringer off after I’ve heard from my mom for the day. If you get this message tonight, the best time to call is between 9 & 11. Matt will be home from work and I’ll be finished with my mundane preoccupations for the day. 🙂 Glad you got that chain fixed. Seems to have been tricky and aggravating while delaying your plans a little bit. enjoy the slightly more desirable FL weather. Our fair city was shut down today due to sleet.

Lahodynskyj says:

Sleet? What is that? I have forgotten. haha
am heading out for the day tomorrow, but should be able to ring Friday.