Sunday to Gold Head State Park

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Awoke early at 6am. Should have packed the tent right then and there. Instead went back to bed, to be awoken by the howling wind at 9am. The tent was near the south shore of the lake, and the wind was now coming from the north. Tent was bending over a lot. Nearly flat at times. The sandy ground was not doing well in keeping the tent pegs anchored. Luckily the rain held off. So packing was a breeze 😉
Again nice people offered help.

Was only a 20km ride. The sun came out. I had chosen this state park because it was close to BMW where I need to go back.

Was a sandy road to get to my spot. That is problematic when on a motorcycle.
On Friday I had ridden around the camp site looking for a spot to pitch the tent. Having found a likely spot I took a short cut. Across sand. Downhill. Started off really well. Then next thing I know, I am lying down in the sand. Worst part was getting up. IT WAS REALLY COMFORTABLE! The sand was really soft. I only stood up as people ran up to help. We picked the bike up, and I rode off, gingerly.
So it was a mixture of emotions as I rode the sandy trail to my campsite.
Arrived safe and sound. But had another lesson to learn. It is REALLY hard pushing your bike backwards on sand!

With memories of this morning, I setup the tent. In a sheltered spot. Using various fixtures at the site, and double pegs on the main guy lines.

Then off to Grannie’s in Starke, but they were closed. Shut at 2pm most days, as they open at 5am! So went to Sonny’s for a platter. Tons of food. It was OK.

Back to the tent. Parked the bike, showered and went to bed. Nice thing about having electricity by the tent, I could listen to the rest of my library book 🙂