Gold Head State Park – Day04

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I love the sound of machine guns in the morning. Did I mention that the camp where the rally was held is a training camp? And there appears to be a lot of live firing going on. All day. Subdued. But all day.

Called BMW to confirm all parts are in, and spoke with Chuck the Service Manager. He was out of the office yesterday. Chuck told me that one part is not due till Friday.

I cannot stay at this campsite past Saturday morning, as my spot is booked for the weekend. Seem lots of people head out of Jacksonville and camp on the weekend.
But, would not mind a move. The sandy ground makes riding quite a bit trickier than normal.

Did laundry. Even I was beginning to think my jeans needed a wash 🙂

Had a stroll to the main feature, a ravine with spring fed river.

Ended the day with a beer with Fred (retired Chippy, with family all over the USA, travelling in a pickup with a tent on the back). We are the only two campers here. The rest are in RV’s in other locations. We are heading off to St. Augustine tomorrow.

Updated this blog in my tent. Past two days. And now to sleep.

Nice thing about this park (a) only noisy things are the birds (b) you can see the stars