Up in the morning and confirmed my noon appointment.

On the bike and off to Orange Park, with a sidebar to Dunkin Donuts, for a breakfast muffin and hash browns, with a latte. Better than the golden arches. And the chat was awesome. How often do you get asked if you like dinosaurs? But that’s what you get talking to a 4 yr old 🙂

Took a box of a dozen donuts into BMW. Well, they do provide the coffee. And the chat. Loads of people, with loads of info and stories today. Plus tips for good food. Chuck runs a good office.
I had to catch up with my web-work after the bike was ready !!!

On the bike and off to get some supper. Warning light came on as I was riding down the road. Turned out to be my headlamp bulb was burnt out.
So back to BMW. Get a new bulb, and install. The simple stuff I can do myself.

Then off to get supper, from ‘4 Rivers Smokehouse‘. Thank you Rose 🙂

Back to the camp, where Fred was waiting with a beer. We sat in my tent, as there was intermittent rain. Supper. Chat. And then waiting for the ice tomorrow.

Pity I have to head out. Someone booked the site ahead of me for Saturday night. Hard to imagine they will come, with temperatures around zero. But as it turns out, I have to go back to BMW. The “time for a service” msg came up. Always starts 1,000km before service is due.