Le Weekend at Salt Pepper Thyme

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Life is all about the food…….. 🙂

Saturday, despite hoping that the cold weather would discourage the people who booked my camping spot, I had to pack, bid goodbye to Fred and head to BMW Jacksonville. They kindly reset the codes on the bike after checking that nothing else needed servicing.

Meanwhile, I watched West Ham hold Man City to a draw, while Leicester thump Stoke 3-0 and are top of the English Premier League. Three points clear.

Long chat with Vic, an engineer, with an F700GS (same as mine) and lived in Mississauga, for many a year.

Decided to see a bit more of Jacksonville, so rode downtown. Looks like a good sized city. Wishing the rally spent more time here.

Headed north, I saw that despite the cold, ice, and blustery wind, guys are showing off their Camaro’s, and other ‘merican muscle.

Then before I knew it, I was at Salt.Pepper.Thyme in Kingsland, Georgia. Stopped and booked a sitting.

Found a motel that suggested I leave the bike under the porch 🙂

Walked back to the restaurant and had the best coq au vin ever. Egg noodles, gravy that tasted of mushrooms and tender chicken. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

On Sunday, went back to Salt.Pepper.Thyme for brunch. I am such a slave to good food 🙂

Walked around Kingsland. Houses have surprisingly big lots. Looks nice. Picked up some fruit and munchies. Plan on heading out on Monday.

Back at the motel, I hardwired the TomTom GPS into the bike. And adjusted the left hand handlebar muff.

Then a chat, and off to get supper, which ended up being a carry-out. Outstanding. Seriously. You all need to head to Salt.Pepper.Thyme.

Going to be some time before I get good food again…..but, Leicester are still top of the English Premier League after Chelsea beat Arsenal 😉

PS: Forgot to mention the great discussion on Saturday involving much of the restaurant. Topics included real beer, nuclear subs, and Donald Trump. Awesome.