Up and breakfast at Steffens. It was much closer to the motel than expected 🙂

Then off to Folkston. First because I spent a fortnight in the British location. Second because this was the first place that mentioned a Canadian, Marc Emery. So rode the straight roads, with forests on either side, being harvested, till I arrived at Marc’s “home” and sent these co-ordinates. Gentleman in a van arrived and asked me to move on, so I did. No need for free accommodation:) Police around a prison can be touchy.
Rode into town and tried the fried chicken, then the museum. Super nice chat at the railway museum.

Next, I rode onto Amelia Island, where I found a coffee shop in town. Beware. One of the staff is an Arsenal supporter (hahahaha). There I bumped into two super nice Brits, Alice and Alec, from the North-East of England. Both into marketing in the world of footie, who have wintered in Amelia since 1988. Was great to have a chat. Really great 🙂
They directed me to a couple of notable watering spots. Cafe Karibo was closed, as a new patio was being built. The Palace Saloon (oldest bar in town) was open. Had a nice brown ale, but they do smoke indoors.

From there, I rode to St. Mary’s in search of the submarine museum. Signage could be better. I ended up at the base. Guards were nice, and gave me good directions, though they took my details. Southern gate had a submarine on the lawn. Really!
Nice little town, that the GPS does not have any correct information about. Luckily people are helpful.

Last spot was Brunswick. Missed the old town altogether! When I did ask about it, when filling up the bike, was told that nothing to see, as at 6pm the town closes down. Suggested to me that St.Simon’s Island would be more fun, but already late and the temperature was beginning to drop.
Had seen the sun setting whilst riding over the Sidney Lanier bridge. Best sunset since California. Became even more spectacular after the fill-up, heading back to Kingsland, with the reds of the sky fading into dark, and being reflected in the estuaries. If only I could paint…….. Was worth the trip, just for the sunset in these settings.

An easy run back to the motel, via Woodbine. Funny how the same names crop up in different countries.