Up and off to St Marys. First stop the Submarine Museum. A small two storey building with lots of memoribiia and a periscope. Nice to see things are being preserved.

A walk around the old town found me a hot cup of tea at the Cedar Oaks Café 🙂

Then on the way to a late lunch, I stopped by the Visitor Center, Radio Museum and Railway Theatre.

Lunch at St Marys Seafood & More, was disappointing. The people who gave it 5 stars need to get out more. Was OK, but way short of 5 stars.

Rode back to the motel via the scenic route 🙂 Found a fresh fruit stand, with baby alligators. Bought some OJ, oranges and pecans, then on to Wal-mart to buy a screen potector for the GPS. Gloved hands do wear a screen out after time.

Spotted a BBQ place, so popped back there later for supper. Was good. PC Bar-B-Que. Nice ribs. I would have liked them a bit drier. Hot pepper, “dirty rice” and potato salad, made the rest of the meal. And all under $10. Nice people too. No reference on Yelp or Google. Shame. Looks like a hole-in-the-wall but was clean inside.

Home for a cup of tea.
Tonight I bought a kettle and a mug. Some motels (including this one) and all campsites do not provide such. So I am good for a cuppa everywhere there is power 😉