Saturday was Gloves and Police

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Saturday morning. Up and away to Jacksonville, and the Pecan Flea Market.

Now getting there was not so easy. GPS could not find the place. Seriously. TomTom did not have the market listed. And the RV ground somewhere else!
Still. I ended up at Donuts Etc in order to get directions. Good donuts. Good chat.

Back up the road to the flea market.

Found a pair of gloves. Or rather Patty found the gloves and adjusted them. Yup the old pair are getting to end of life. Nice to have a new pair, on standby 🙂 And they now fit, just like………

Patty told me about the French Pantry. However, was shut. Only open during the week. And only for lunch.
Worse still, whilst faffing about in the driveway, thinking of hunger and coffee, I dropped the bike. Should have been looking at the ground. Was a nasty mixtures of surfaces and levels.
Luckily, a kind police officer stopped by, and helped me right the bike 🙂

There followed a list of closed or disappeared cafes and restaurants. At the first missing place, I found the Papillon for an espresso. Just as well. Was a while before I gave up, and headed home.
In the meantime, found a deli with supplies. 20160130_1751_AllFoodGroups
The chicken roti came from the Caribbean Sunrise Bakery. Really tasty.

PS: You know what is nice about travelling? Aside from the new people and new foods? Never have to do house-work. Hahahahahahaha.